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Treatment & Services

Treatment & Services

Find a Program that Fits Your Child’s Needs

At Laurel Heights Hospital, we are committed to providing the highest quality of psychiatric and behavioral care. Our comprehensive pediatric programs and services are designed to bring hope and healing to children and adolescents who face complex psychiatric, behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders. We strive to cater our approach to treatment to the needs of each child who comes into our care.

Treatment programs at Laurel Heights Hospital are structured for youth ages 6–17 who are dealing with general psychiatric difficulties and trauma. We also offer specialty mental health programs for children with co-occurring neurodevelopmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Within each of our programs, services are provided by multidisciplinary treatment staff and include:

  • Psychiatric treatment by board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • Nursing care and medication management
  • Crisis stabilization
  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Specialized groups addressing trauma, substance abuse and sexual reactivity
  • Recreation/expressive therapy
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Functional behavioral assessments and behavior support
  • Applied behavioral analysis
  • An educational program staffed with certified teachers
  • Transition and discharge planning

Services for Children

Treatment options for children at Laurel Heights Hospital include our Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Program (for boys and girls ages 6 and above), our Acute Residential Psychiatric Program (for boys ages 6 and above) and our Specialized Residential Treatment Program for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (for boys and girls ages 6 and older).

Services for Adolescents

Adolescent treatment options include our Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Program (for boys and girls up to age 17), a Acute Residential Psychiatric Program (for boys up to age 17 and girls ages 12–17), our Specialized Residential Treatment Program for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (for boys and girls up to age 17), and our Long-Term Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program for boys 12–17 (including our SOAR program for those in need of treatment for inappropriate sexual behavior). We also offer a TRICARE®-certified residential treatment program for teen boys.

Foster Care

We offer therapeutic foster care for children ages 4–17 through our Olympus Program. Our goal is to give children who struggle with emotional or behavioral difficulties a chance to live within the community in the naturally therapeutic environment of a family. Foster parents who participate in this program are trained, supervised and supported by the Laurel Heights Specialized Foster Care Treatment Team. Family Consultants work with the foster family, birth parents, case managers and the child to ensure that therapeutic, academic, social and medical needs are met.

Program Brochures

We’re Here to Help

Laurel Heights Hospital’s professional staff are ready to help find the best treatment options for your child. Call 404-888-5475 for a no-cost, confidential assessment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.